IT Services

HSS take care of all yours LAN and WAN networks needs including Servers, switches, hubs, routers, wireless, network security, back and restoration. PUNCOM Networks offers networking services from the first step of wiring to the last step of setting up PC workstations, and also ongoing support and maintenance as long as you need it.

We design, Install and Support your network with wide range of products.

HSS Networks set up a Wi-Fi network outdoor and indoor Internet connection for your entire office. PUNCOM Networks can recommend the best type of service for your needs. We can also help you determine what options are available at your location. All types of indoor, outdoor WAPs, point to point link, point to multi point solutions, high gain antennas, mast etc.

We also expert in wireless networks where we do site surveys and provide the solutions for your business. We have wide range of 2.4GHz and 5GHz of solution as per your requirements.

A complete range of long range wireless connectivity, microwave links, wireless solutions are available to meet the most unique and demanding backbone requirements. Wireless access points can be connected to the gateway to provide Wi-Fi wireless Internet. Any type of Wi-Fi enabled device can receive the signal: including PC laptops, MAC computers, net book computers, iPhones™, and Blackberries™.

HSS provide the  hotspot solutions for Hotels, Motels and Apartments.

HSS also have the deals with VoIP solution for your business.